Vaneaxial Fan/Vaneaxial Blower

Vaneaxial Fan/Vaneaxial Blower

Vaneaxial fan/vaneaxial blower is designed for high capacity applications requiring straight-line discharge and higher static pressures.  Can be used for spray booth applications, air with corrosive contaminants, or high temperature applications.  The propeller and guide vane section are designed to obtain higher static pressures and higher mechanical efficiencies.  The function of the guide vane section is to improve the efficiency and the pressure characteristics by minimizing turbulence downstream from the fan and converting rotational energy at the propeller discharge into useful work.  Can be direct driven or belt driven.  Can be made of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass. Mounting can be vertical or horizontal, foot mounted or ceiling hung.

Sizes 12 to 60 inches wheel diameters

Performance Airflow to 100,000 CFM Static pressure to 4 inches w.g.

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