Pressure Blower/Pressure Fan

Pressure Blower/Pressure Fan

Pressure blower/pressure fan is mainly used for high pressure conveying clean/combustible/corrosive gas at normal temperature, or lightweight powder/debris/short fiber materials, forced ventilation, forced cooling, smelting furnace and foundry furnace, pressurization and decompression seal of industrial equipment etc.

1. Can output high discharge pressure, applicable to any industry condition where needing to conveying high pressure & normal air.
2. Small volume, compact structure, can be installed in narrow space.
3. Easy for installation, don’t need professionals to direct.
4. High efficiency of energy transmission, motor’s energy is completely and directly used for impeller, no energy consumption in transmission process.
5. Small starting current, don’t need motor soft start device for below 7.5kw power.

Sizes 8 to 70 inches wheel diameters

Performance Airflow to 141,840 CFM Static pressure to 104” w.g.

Available in different arrangements

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