Power Roof Ventilator

Power Roof Ventilator

Power Roof Ventilator Upblast Propeller provide general exhaust of commercial and light industrial buildings while offering a pleasing low profile design that minimizes extension above the roof line.  The upblast design discharges air and contaminants up and away from the building.  These ventilators exhaust large volumes of air at low to medium static pressures.  Typical applications for upblast propeller roof ventilators include warehouses, shopping centers and manufacturing facilities.  The cost effective design is available in both belt and direct drive configurations.  Can be made of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass.  Direct driven fans are an ideal choice for installations where service and maintenance are made difficult due to limited access.   This can save on service costs incurred through sheave, belt and bearing maintenance.  Belt driven available for use in clean air applications requiring the adjustable performance of a belt drive fan.  Motor is located out of the airstream for easy inspection and service from the roof.  The motor cover is easily removable making the motor and drive components accessible without moving the fan.

Sizes 14 to 60 inch wheel diameters

Performance Airflow to 60,800 CFM Static pressure to 1 inch w.g.

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