Plug Fan

Plug Fan

Plug fan are compact and versatile.  Their versatility allows them to be used for air circulators in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including air curtains, air heaters, ceiling, wall, and floor panel plenums, degreasers, dryers, dust collectors, evaporators, freezers, kilns, ovens, packaged air handlers, parts washers, penthouses, smoke houses, space heaters, spray booths, and other high temperature applications.  Plug fans are housed in the customer’s enclosure in applications where the system plenum acts as the fan housing.  This configuration saves space since connecting duct work and motor support pedestals are generally not needed.  More space savings can be obtained by utilizing the wheel compartment as a pressurized chamber in lieu of a fan scroll.  The use of multiple discharges from the pressurized chamber allows for additional savings by reducing ducting requirements.  SWSI flat-blade backward inclined, non-overloading wheels is a standard and airfoil wheel is available as an option. The unit’s welded construction can withstand most industrial applications.  The plug fan’s motor and drive are protected from high temperatures by the customer’s chamber wall or the optional insulated plug.  The motor and drive are mounted to the plug panel which may be bolted or welded in place.  The plug assembly may be mounted with the shaft in either the vertical or horizontal position for maximum flexibility.  An all welded housing is available as an option. Standard fan is suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting.  Wheels can be made of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass.  May be direct driven or belt driven.

Sizes 12.25″ to 49″ wheel diameters

Performance Airflow to 57,000 CFM Static pressure to 8″ w.g.

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