Centrifugal Blower Double Inlet Double Width Forward Curved

Centrifugal Blower Double Inlet Double Width Forward Curved

Double Inlet Double Width Centrifugal Blower Forward-curved blades are especially sensitive to particulates.  Provide a low noise level and relatively small air flow with a high increase in static pressure.  Forward-curved fan blades curve into the direction of wheel rotation, producing an air velocity at the blade tip which is actually greater than the tip velocity itself.  This effectively means that a forward curved fan can move air at greater velocities while requiring less rotational speed than other fan types.  Forward curved fans are the most commonly used wheel type in HVAC equipment. Forward curved fans are typically used in low-pressure applications (under 5.0 in. wg), since they can satisfy airflow requirements at lower rotational speeds (typically 800 to 1200 rpm).  As a result of lower operating pressures, the design of the forward-curved fan is usually lightweight when compared to other fans.  Applications are air filtration, spray containment, fume control, inflatable products, low profile air handling units, attenuated fan boxes, solarium equipment, conveyor cooling, electronic enclosure ventilation.  Wheels can be made of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass.  May be couple driven or belt driven.  A DIDW gives the same pressure rise but double the flow of a (SISW) single inlet single width fan.  Can also be made as cabinet blower.

Sizes 6″ to 40″ wheel diameters

Performance Airflow to 110,000 CFM Static pressure to 8″ w.g.

Available in different arrangements

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